I am engaged! Now what?

Congratulations on your engagement! Now begins a difficult, but very rewarding part: organising your own wedding party. How do you start? In this article you will find ten things you should arrange as soon as possible. This way, you will stay engaged without stress!

Photo (top): Planner: Art of Events - Photographer: Armando Diva - Engagement ring: Diamonds by CS

1. Spread the word

You and your partner have decided to get engaged and you want to shout it from the rooftops. But before you post this good news on the social media, it is best to inform some loved ones personally - like your parents, your close family and best friends.

2. Get an overview of your budget

Not unimportant: every wedding comes at a price. Together with your partner, determine the budget you can and want to spend on it. Many other decisions depend on this, so discuss this topic as soon as possible.

3. What is your 'picture perfect'?

What style and look do you and your partner like? Are there any trends you would like to see reflected at your party? There is a lot to discover in this very special world, so be sure to take your time for inspiration. Be sure to check out the inspiration and tips we've put together for you!

4. To plan, or to hire a planner?

Do you choose to plan everything yourself? Or do you prefer to leave this in professional hands? This is another choice you should make as soon as possible, as wedding planners and speakers often have a busy schedule. If you choose to arrange everything yourself, then you should bear in mind that this will take a lot of time. So check if this is feasible for you and your partner.

5. Pick your wedding date

Whether you want to get married in the middle of winter or prefer a summer wedding, finding the right date is crucial. Without a date, there is no celebration! Fixing the date about a year in advance is very common. This will give you enough time to prepare your wedding down to the last detail.

6. Find your dream location

This tip is related to the previous one: if you have found your ideal location, it is of course important that this location is still available on the day you have in mind. So secure the location as soon as possible! This will give you all the more time to think about the style and mood you want to bring to your dream location.

7. Invite them!

Are you going for a big wedding? Or do you prefer to keep it small and personal? In either case, you and your partner should think carefully about who you invite. When making your guest list, also take into account the capacity of your wedding location and caterer.

8. Do you want to be my best man?

Next up: who will you choose as best man/men? Will you choose your brother or sister? Or your best friend - who are you close to? Being a best man at a wedding is a great honour and responsibility, which most people will probably be happy to take on!

9. Say yes to the dress

It's also best to choose your wedding dress early - about 8 to 12 months in advance, you should start working on finding your dream dress! After you have found it, it will be ordered or custom made. Your dress will fit your body perfectly - you will shine!

10. Enjoy!

Last but not least: you are engaged! Enjoy this magical time to the fullest! Keep on doing nice things with your partner. Go out for a nice dinner, plan an engagement photo shoot or go on a weekend trip!

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