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    "Soon you will be marching down the aisle for a lifetime of love and happiness."

    Walking down the aisle to the altar is something you want to do in comfort. Do you remember the last time you wore something and it felt like it was made for you? Café Costume combines its skills with quality materials to give you an extraordinary experience. Café Costume translated the family tradition of craftsmanship into today's modern world.


    Café Costume manufactures the most stylish, high-quality and custom-made suits. From perfectly fitting shirts to personalised ties. Social media, apps and selfies have changed our digital footprint forever, but not the need to be well dressed and look good all the time. They make you a suit that makes you feel perfect. So you can fully enjoy your big day.


    Before you say 'yes', there is a lot to arrange. Café Costume is ready to help you. Café Costume's experienced tailors know that every detail counts. First, you are invited to make an appointment at Café Costume so that they can gauge your wishes and expectations. In this step you will also receive personal advice. Here you choose the details of your tailor-made suit. Next, your measurements are taken and an appointment is made for your first fitting. If any adjustments are required, Café Costume will be happy to make an appointment for a second fitting. An appointment can be scheduled in the evening. Nothing is left to chance: your suit should feel just right for you and you alone.


    Café Costume's craftsmanship ensures style and quality tailored to your needs: they mould the fabric of your choice around your body. Tailor-made, with an eye for detail and an affordable price tag. Depending on your wishes and the fabrics you have chosen, the time between the appointment and the first fitting will be about 5 weeks.


    Café Costume tailors will welcome you in one of their branches in Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels (Dansaert), Ixelles, Ghent or Kortrijk.

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