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    Welkom at Flamant

    Step into the world of Flamant, where style, authenticity and harmony are key. A Flamant interior radiates timeless elegance, where furniture, accessories, colours and styles are matched to create a warm and attractive whole. The meeting of timeless models and a contemporary lifestyle defines the Flamant style.

    Craftsmanship creation

    Respect for traditional craftsmanship underlines the sense of originality and sustainability. Flamant's furniture is created using high-quality natural materials in traditional workshops around the world.

    Renewal and evolution

    Over the years Flamant has evolved into more than a brand. It represents a lifestyle. And just like their way of life is constantly changing, Flamant's collections also change with the times. Evolution, renewal and upcycling are core aspects of their business philosophy. And although their collections are constantly evolving, a harmony of styles and themes ensures great versatility and coherence in the range.

    From rural interiors to the city

    Flamant's collections cover a range of styles. A broad design spectrum is covered: from classic and rural to gustavian and from vintage to an eclectic urban living style. The result is an extensive range that allows you to create a very personal interior, rooted in the essence of Flamant.

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