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    In 1930, Maison de Couture Paul Natan was founded by the eponymous Paul Natan in Brussels. After his training in interior architecture at Sint Lukas, Edouard Vermeulen went looking for a studio. Through his studies, he entered a world of volumes, materials, colours and shapes, the world of design and fashion.

    "Then I hired a seamstress, and I told her laughing: If it doesn't work, we'll make curtains out of the garments. She looked at me with concern. 35 years later, she is still working for me." 

    - Edouard Vermeulen

    But it worked, in fact it worked very well. Edouard Vermeulen took over the fashion house under the name NATAN and presented his very first couture collection in 1984.


    The Couture collection of NATAN is designed in their own atelier, in the mother house itself. There are about ten seamstresses at work, each with their own specialty. Buying a Couture piece or having it designed at NATAN is an exclusive experience. For new tailor-made designs, first of all an appointment is made, where the customer can express her ideas and wishes (about the silhouette and materials). When all decisions have been made, three separate fittings follow. The house offers all the necessary guidance and expertise to make any dream come true.


    The richness of the materials gives strength to the simplicity of the forms.

    The Belgian fashion house NATAN is a nest of talent. Heads full of inspiration, hands full of speed, directed by Edouard Vermeulen, who makes sure that each final result exceeds all expectations. He succeeded in creating a timeless, elegant universe where women are more confident by his designs. He created a personal style from contemporary purity, ultimate femininity and refinement. The pure and subtle lines, pure and sophisticated silhouettes, supported by a perfectly mastered style, bear witness to a great deal of expertise within the fashion house. The chosen materials include a range of beautiful fabrics of the highest quality. Not too veiled, not too extravagant, a style resolutely suited to the active and elegant woman of today.

    Unique Belgian Couture pieces, shoes and jewellery that bear witness to extraordinary expertise.

    His dedication to feminine elegance for more than 30 years shows an awareness of ethics and humanity, respect for materials and design and an intuitive sense of aesthetics. In 2003, he was awarded the title of 'Officer in the Order of Leopold II', which brought eternal fame to the NATAN fashion house. For many years now, Edouard Vermeulen has designed for the Belgian Royal Family as well as the Royal Courts of Sweden, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Thanks to his passion and commitment, his creations have accompanied the nobility, artists and other jet set figures through many historic occasions.

    Even though the collections of the house are more and more innovative, Edouard Vermeulen remains faithful to the values he strives for: timelessness, simplicity and beauty. NATAN embraces the highest standards of creativity, quality and human strength and guarantees the harmony of all its components. Thanks to their respect for traditional methods, the environmental impact remains minimal throughout each step of the process. Because of these criteria, the final product is not only unique, but also sustainable.


    Maison de Couture Paul Natan was founded by the eponymous Paul Natan in the avenue Louise, in Brussels, where you can still find the works of art created by the expert team. 

    There are also branches in Antwerp, Ghent, Knokke and Roeselare. 

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