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    Very Food Catering specialises in catering for weddings. With their strong personal approach and logistic support, they turn every unique request into a unique celebration. They like to think along creatively to find a fun way to design the catering in line with your wedding. Their innovative cuisine stimulates all the senses. Very Food Catering serves intensely delicious flavours created with quality products in different textures. With a stunning presentation, innovative creations and a stylish and hospitable service, they give every type of wedding party a visible added value.


    Whether you opt for a seated dinner with 4 courses or you go for a buffet or even a food truck, Very Food Catering has it all! You can also ask them for tapas, sharing plates, walking dinner or a reception. In addition, they can provide sweets, cakes & tarts like the best of them at your wedding.


    Very Food Catering strives for pure flavours and simplicity in their cuisine, which they always present with the necessary drive for innovation.

    Every day, not quantity, but quality is central to their cuisine and service. In order to always be surprising, they distinguish themselves by means of an innovative kitchen, which is flexible enough to tackle any food allergy. With this, they always impress all guests; even the very youngest get adapted menus if necessary.

    Everything is always prepared with quality products and served as real works of art.

    Diet and allergy

    Specialised in weddings, they know better than anyone that they can find exceptions to every guest list. One person may not eat gluten, another may only eat halal, ... None of this is a problem for Very Food Catering. They are also happy to prepare vegetarian, vegan or dishes using organic ingredients. 

    About Very Food Catering

    With their years of experience, Bart & Niki reassure every engaged couple. With their team they conjure up the appropriate party menu for every fairy tale. Top chef Didier Couteele provides the finishing touch to each dish and a fully customised menu. On the day of the wedding party, their venue managers ensure that the party is coordinated down to the last detail. They always come with a sufficient number of adequate staff, so that the service runs perfectly and the party room looks fresh.

    Their motto: "Taking care of people is what we do". 


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