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"Let's turn those butterflies in your stomach into a fantastic story you'll cherish forever"

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    Wedding photographer Yves Schepers tells a compelling story of your wedding day; a mix of humour, a sense of aesthetics and attention to real emotions. His journalistic style captures the authenticity of who you are and how you and your loved ones experience this moment. In such a way that everything can be relived intensely many years later.

    Every marriage, every family is unique; that is why you should not expect a standard reportage by Yves Schepers but timeless images that capture your authenticity. That is what his photography is all about.

    Take a moment to browse through Yves Schepers' portfolio. He is looking forward to tell your story together. You can book Yves Schepers for engagement sessions, wedding reports, wedding albums, family portraits or corporate portraits at home and abroad. His journalistic wedding photography is internationally recognized and has won several awards.

    About Yves Schepers Photography

    Yves Schepers: "Sometimes you just have to stop thinking about everything and jump into the unknown. No, I am not talking about your marriage proposal ;) Actually, that's how I took my 180° major turning point in life: after working a few years as an engineer I chose to become a professional photographer. To this day, I still have to convince myself that this is not a dream. I have not regretted my choice for a second.

    An eye for those small, big moments spiced with a touch of humour.

    Focused on how you and your loved ones really experience that rollercoaster of emotions.

    Yves Schepers is looking for a balance between composition, light and emotion; for the perfection in the imperfection. Daring to expose people's personalities and capturing the raw, intense, funny and even vulnerable ingredients that will colour a future memory. That is the power of photography.

    "Do what you love, and it will translate into your work."

    Best Photographer of the Year 2017. Best Photographer of the Year 2019....  Capturing the right moments and combining them with a sharp eye to transform the mundane into something special has earned Yves Schepers a handful of international (wedding) awards. But that is only the beginning! He is looking forward to all the fantastic couples, nice children, endearing grandparents and drunken uncles he will meet in the future. Until then, he is available to join you on your journey and create a fantastic story together.

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    You can book Yves Schepers as a wedding photographer for a shoot in Belgium, but he loves to go on adventures with you to capture your wedding anywhere in the world.

    Contact Yves Schepers via the contact form on the right of this page, for an even faster treatment of your question.

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