Newly engaged? FAQ Top 5!

Are you newly engaged? Congratulations! Before you start making concrete plans and contacting suppliers, there are a few essential things that you and your partner will want to get sorted out first. Take a trip out there and discuss these five themes during the first brainstorming session about 'your perfect wedding'.

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1. Location

Where do you see yourself getting married? Always dreamed of a wedding by the sea, on a country estate, or maybe even abroad? Determine together with your fiancé which direction you want to go. This choice will be very decisive for the rest of the planning process. Depending on the style or theme you feel most attracted to, you can then look much more specifically for locations that suit your idea.

2. Timing

Do you have a specific date in mind, or rather a broad preference for a certain season in which you want to get married? Do you prefer a summer garden party or would you rather create your own winter wonderland in December? Do you see all your wedding moments taking place on one day, or will you make a weekend of them? If you want to get married in the high season (May-October), bear in mind that you will need to contact all the suppliers quickly - and perhaps be flexible, in terms of dates.

3. Formula

What many couples discover on the way is that a wedding is not really one big event, but basically a series of many smaller events. The civil wedding, the ceremony, the reception, the dinner, the dance, ... Determine the format of your ideal wedding day(s). Which events will you organise and when will you invite whom?

4. Guests

Hand in hand with the events you plan on your wedding day go the guests you would like to invite to those events. Would it please you to have your guests with you throughout the day? Or would you rather spread your guests over your different events - from reception to evening party to dance party for example?

5. Budget

Last but not least, you will need to decide on your budget. Your budget will determine the many decisions you will need to make. Think about what is a priority for you and where you might want to spend relatively more budget. Can you count on some financial support from parents or family? If so, discuss this in detail with them beforehand. Neither party will want to be faced with any surprises.

Tip: some items will be fixed costs (e.g. location, photographer, ...) - some variable costs will depend on the number of guests (e.g. catering, giveaways, ...)

Don't forget what your wedding party is really about: your most beautiful day, full of happiness and joy with each other and the people around you. So raise your glass - and enjoy all the wonderful prospects... 

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