The perfect engagement ring in 7 tips

You want to propose to the love of your life, but you have no idea which engagement ring to choose? Then pay attention - this one is for you! Your search for the perfect ring starts with reading these 7 tips!

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1. Contact your jeweler (or their webshop)

Send an email or just visit the jeweler to discuss your wishes concerning the style and budget. Your jeweler will especially listen to get a clearer picture of your partner for whom the ring is intended. 

New trend: the jeweler at home! Do you prefer the personal approach of a jeweler at home? That is possible!

2. Say it with Pinterest

The more information the jeweler has, the easier it is to find the right ring for the fiancé-to-be. It's always helpful to bring a photo of your fiancé, or a compiled mood board via Pinterest. Social networking sites are a handy tool because they instantly visualize what style someone has, and in which direction you and your jeweler should be looking.

3. Diamonds are forever

After the first description, a number of beautiful examples are presented. You can ask questions about the center stone, the shape, color and price range. Then several models are shown that fit the given picture. The jeweler often starts with several rings and then finally ends with two possible end pairs. Thus, the diamond jewellery advisors at Baunat give you personal expert advice when choosing your engagement ring.


4. Silver, gold or platinum?

An engagement ring will be worn every day, so choose the material wisely. If your partner does heavy manual work - think of someone who sells kitchens and comes into contact with granite countertops, or in the textile world with metal coat racks - it is recommended to choose the slightly more precious platinum. It looks similar to gold but is more resistant to scratches.

5. Take your time

The timing of your engagement ring visits to the jeweller varies. Some people plan their proposal months in advance and others choose the jewel on the day of their proposal. A lot is possible, but ideally you should visit the jeweller about six weeks before the big question. Then you can opt for a unique model or a custom-made one. 

6. The right ring size

Some try to sneak a ring from their loved one behind his or her back to find out the ring size. But because you can't always be 100% sure that this ring is perfectly the right size, some jewelers offer a service where the jewel will be perfectly adjusted around your fiancé's finger within a five-day period, at no additional cost. 

7. Trust your choice  

You've finally completed all the steps, but how do you know whether your choice of engagement ring is right for your partner? Sometimes a friend or mother-in-law will come with you to the jeweler. However, know: the more people present at the conversation, the more difficult the choice can sometimes be. But don't panic: your gut feeling is usually right. After all, you know your partner best!

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