How to have great honeymoon

A few decades ago, newlywed couples sometimes hardly spent any time - let alone the night - with each other before their wedding. A honeymoon served to discover each other! Times have changed. Today, the honeymoon promises to be primarily a well-deserved rest period after the hectic wedding. The key question: where are you going?

Photo (top) via Unsplash

1. Start early

Start planning early enough - even if you love spontaneity! Your wedding planning may require a lot of thought, but don't put off planning your honeymoon until the last minute. Or does Mr Groom take care of your honeymoon (literally or figuratively)?

2. Great destinations

Keep a list of destinations that appeal to both of you. Remember to check your geographical preferences against the local seasons! Discuss together whether you want to get on a plane right after your wedding party - or whether you want to leave a few weeks or months later for practical reasons.

3. Combine activities

If your ideas of the perfect honeymoon are somewhat contradictory, see how you can combine the two. If your partner wants to do some adventurous trekking but you prefer the beach, consider a destination like Bora Bora. Take a helicopter flight over Mount Otemanu, then head to one of the nearby islands to visit a vanilla plantation. Enjoy the beautiful views together - and the exhilarating flight!

4. Bucket list

Talking about adventure: your honeymoon is a perfect moment to cross something off your bucket list! Bungee jumping together, swimming with dolphins, learning to sail, cooking with a top chef, ... Mark your new start with a remarkable feat that you will never forget.

5. No network

If you really want to enjoy each other's company, you will soon choose to ignore your smartphone. You have just experienced a crazy ride on a roller coaster of emotion, love, happiness and friendship... Never before have so many loved ones gathered around you, never before have you testified so openly about your feelings for each other. Enjoy intensely, all the beauty between you and around you!

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