How to choose the perfect bridal lingerie?

You said 'yes' to the 'dress'? Then you can now start looking for matching bridal lingerie. These 7 tips will help you choose the perfect set!

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1. First choose your wedding dress

You haven't chosen your wedding dress yet, but you have discovered a beautiful set of lingerie that you would like to wear underneath it? Better wait, because you should choose your dress first and then your bridal lingerie. The cut of your wedding dress is decisive: under a bustier dress, you wear a strapless bra, and with a tight-fitting dress, 'smooth' lingerie without seams, lace or frills works best.

2. Have your bra size measured

If you invest in beautiful bridal lingerie - and you make sure it matches your wedding dress perfectly - have the right bra size measured at the lingerie shop. Many women wear the wrong bra size, which means the lingerie will never fit perfectly. Moreover, your breasts change over time - especially when you lose weight, gain a little weight or have children. It would be a pity if you bought chic (and expensive) bridal lingerie in the wrong size, wouldn't it?

3. Look versus comfort

Found a set that looks great on you but isn't that comfortable? Remember that you will be wearing your bridal lingerie all day - and probably into the early morning hours. Comfort comes first, but if you choose quality, you can expect your sexy bridal lingerie to be comfortable as well.

4. Shape your breasts and your body

Did you choose a wedding dress with a feminine cleavage? Then choose a bra cut that lifts your breasts and possibly shows a bit of your upper bosom, such as a push-up or a balconette. A little uncertain about the shape of your breasts? A bra with mousse cups can camouflage a lot. If you want to hide your tummy, use a shapewear panty or a figure-hugging body or slip dress.

5. Make sure your lingerie doesn't show

It's always nice to match the look of your bridal lingerie with that of your wedding dress. For example, if you chose a romantic wedding gown with lots of lace and embroidery, a set with chic embroidery will look great underneath. However, make sure that the fabric or the seams don't show under your dress. Under a plain outfit in a fine fabric, it is better to wear smooth lingerie that doesn't pinch and that is thinly finished at the seams. Smooth doesn't have to be boring, by the way; these days you can find sets with lots of elegant embroidery or lace prints. Just like the real thing, but without any annoying lines that show through.

6. This will work under white

White or off-white are still the classics among bridal wear. But you can certainly go for a little colour, even under white. Skintones are very trendy these days and have the advantage that the colours do not show through under a white dress. The same goes for red lingerie. Ideal as a sexy surprise for your partner...

7. Stressed about choosing? Go for two sets

You just can't decide between that lovely sexy set, or that comfortable bridal lingerie that fits perfectly under your wedding dress? Then just go for two sets: one for your big day and the other for your wedding night... Problem solved!