10 Original Ceremony Cars for your Wedding

From horse-drawn carriages to English taxis, there are countless classic and trendy ways to get you and your guests from A to B during your wedding party. We list 10 original ceremony cars that are sure to create an oh-moment and provide beautiful photos.

Photo (top): Photographer: Cinderella Photographie​​​​​​​

1. Oldtimer

Looking for a retro ceremony car? An oldtimer remains a successful classic among newlyweds. Rental companies Dockx Rental, Van Noten Ceremonie and Ceremonie Roger have a lot of great ceremony cars. A Beetle Convertible, Austin Healey or Jaguar, anyone?

Photo & Transport: Van Noten Ceremonie​​​​​​​

2. Golf carts

Prefer an environmentally friendly alternative? Electric golf carts give an extra touch to an eco-friendly wedding. Invest Mobile is the supplier of these functional, electrically powered golf carts for the public road in Europe. Environmentally friendly. Suitable for public roads. So ideal for the city! And did you know you can personalise all golf cars, with your logo or initials? 

Photo & Transport: Invest Mobile​​​​​​​

3. English taxi

Few ceremony cars are as charming as a London taxi! These cars fit perfectly with a classic or modern styling. London Cab has the perfect ceremony cars for a British look and feel.

4. Double Decker

An increasingly popular option because of its great atmosphere is a (double-decker) bus from, for example, The London Ceremony Bus. All together in one bus, super cosy! An extra advantage: you raise your first glass together, during the ride! 

Transport: The London Ceremony Bus - Photographer: Guido Nuyts​​​​​​​

5. XXL Limo Bus

A limousine bus as a means of transport for ceremonies will give you that instant glamour feeling. Take your entire entourage along and feel like a king! The XXL bus from VIP-Lounge has everything, from leather interior to a built-in bar! 

Photo & Transport: VIP-Lounge​​​​​​​

6. Volkswagen van

If you're looking for boho-chic transport, you might want to choose an oldschool Volkswagen van. Ideal if you want to bring a few extra guests, like your parents or witnesses for example.

Wedding planner: Art of Events - Photographer: Armando Diva​​​​​​​

7. Cargo bike

The cargo bike came over from the Netherlands as a wedding trend a few years ago. Maybe not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of 'transport for ceremonies', but it is very original. Nostalgia during your wedding? Check it out! Let your brand-new husband pedal while you enjoy the view.

Photo: Dario Endara

8. Horse and coach

A real fairytale wedding should of course include a horse and carriage. You've already found your prince charming, now all you need is a beautiful carriage. Romantic!

Photo: Wedding carriage: Manorhoeve - Photographer: DV Photo​​​​​​​

9. Vespa

A two wheeler can be the perfect means of transport. Together on the Vespa does not only sound romantic, it is also a real eye catcher. It's even more impressive if your entourage is also on a Vespa - bet you'll get great photos too?

Photo: Sophie Epton Photography

10. Tuktuk

Just like a cargo bike, this funny tricycle is 100% fun guaranteed. Ask your best man to get behind the wheel and enjoy a ride through the streets together. Let yourself be driven!

Photo: Caitlin Mogridge​​​​​​​

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