7 reasons to choose a tent for your wedding

The marquee is on the rise. Nowadays, there are many splendid ones on the market. What follows is a plea with seven arguments that will make you dream about that tent for your wedding!

Photo (top): Photographer: Elisabeth Van Lent

Forget rain, forget stress

Tents are usually associated with the question: "But what if it rains? The tents in which a couple can now have their ceremony and party, breathe cosiness, luxury and class. But above all, they offer a maximum of security. There is no need to check the weather map, because you can work towards a weatherproof formula with peace of mind. No stress!

For all seasons

Would you choose a tent in the middle of winter? Or in the middle of summer? The professional tent rental market has made such a qualitative leap during the last few years that you will not believe your eyes. Marquees can be either fully open or closed, with heating or air conditioning, set up according to theme, colour or styling, with handsome wooden panels and floors, richly draped both inside and out,

Your own interior designer

Don't think that a wedding marquee is a boring affair. You start from a completely empty space, but then you start giving shape to the style or theme of your wedding. A Boho look is very different from a classic style, a countryside look requires a completely different approach than a beach party. Each time, you can live out your own creativity and nothing will stand in your way. From decoration to lighting design, from drapery to cutlery, every detail is up to you.

Indoor and outdoor

Sometimes you hesitate between both options. You love the tingling smell of the outdoors as well as the warm atmosphere of the indoors. However, a cosy wedding tent offers the advantages of both worlds in one formula. You breathe in nature, you enjoy a very special view that you have chosen yourself and you feel completely safe.

Modulate your space

Do you prefer higher, lower, deeper or wider? Or would you like to bring a lot of variation to the space? Marquees with modular systems fulfil all your wishes. Build everything around a single centre, arrange many separate corners according to the colour or style you prefer, surround terraces with white leather lounge chairs? Everything is possible! You can also build in a separate play area for children or a changing room, arrange a whisky or cigar bar - let your imagination run wild.

Unexpected qualities

When thinking of marquees for weddings, one often only sees the traditional star, tipi or pyramid marquee, in open stretch form and especially suitable for summer weddings. But fortunately there is more, much more, that will make you dream. In many tents you would even like to live permanently, because they are surrounded by various types of terraces (Stavanger, Palladio) or have zinc doors, glass walls, columns and steel trusses (Ferro, Hampton Bay), little paradises that you can place anywhere in nature or in the heart of the city.

Don't stop the music!

Spending the most romantic hours of your life in a tent in nature in the company of your closest family members and friends, yes, this calls for music and an afterparty until the late hours. Dancing on tired feet, simply wishing that this night would never end, because now you can face the world in its totality! So be sure to warn any neighbours or invite them along. Dancing inside the tent is possible, dancing outside is not necessary, but it will ensure unforgettable moments!

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