The most beautiful table decoration for your wedding!

Let's be honest. What is a wedding party without those beautifully laid tables? You will soon be spoiling your guests with the most delicious snacks, the most sparkling drinks and the most delectable desserts. But the eye wants something too. Add the finishing touch to your party room by ensuring everyone's admiration for the unique table decorations at your wedding!

Photo (top): Photographer: Mathias Hannes - Table design: Immer - Flowers: Annelies Van Sant - Print: To Remember

Table decoration at your wedding: a real treat!

Your guests will spend a big part of your wedding party at the table. They will spend hours enjoying the most delicious dishes, entertaining speeches and your long awaited opening dance. So in your wedding styling plan, be sure to give plenty of attention to the decoration of your party venue and tables. Beautiful, original table decoration at your wedding ensures more enjoyment with your guests.

1. Style your table plan and table cards

Party! Your guests arrive, and receive at the entrance a nice - in your theme styled - card with their names and their table name on it. This card tells them where they will be seated and provides the necessary fun among your guests, when they try to figure out whether they will be sitting at the same table...

As soon as the banquet hall opens its doors, the matching table plan at the door shows where each table is positioned. Usually a hall manager or maître calls out the names of all the guests seated at each table, and his or her team guides the attendees to the right seat.

On each table, you place a sign with a number or, even better, a creation or photograph styled in your theme, which indicates that the guests are invited to sit here. You can also make funny name badges on the tables that indicate where your guests are seated. We bet that your guests will be eager to take these home as a souvenir.

2. Show it off with flowers

Your tables are the real pièces de résistance in your party room. A successful table decoration for your wedding often starts with a beautiful flower arrangement or bouquet on your table. Your favourite florist will ensure that your table arrangement(s), made with your favourite flowers or with the most beautiful seasonal blooms, fit in nicely with the general decoration of your party room. Depending on your theme, you may prefer one large showpiece or several small vases. Boho chic, for example, may require many vases of beautifully coloured wildflowers, while a more classic romantic theme may require a beautiful creation based on roses or peonies. 

...Or go for a beautiful addition or set-up with fruit or vegetables! What may sound very strange now, you will see more often, for example by the hand of master florist Frederiek van Pamel. Cool too, no?

3. Finish with cosy lights

Some candles or other cozy lights on your tables are the ultimate mood creators. Super cozy! High candlesticks with classic long candles, or a combination of high and low pieces? A modern touch with transparent glass mason jars or weckpots, filled with water and floating brilliant lights? There is something for everyone when it comes to completing your table decoration at your wedding.

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