The 10 tasks for your groom

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. As a bride, you often take on a lot of tasks yourself, but your groom also has a number of 'duties'. Feel free to send this article to your hubbie-to-be, as we list the most important tasks for the groom in this article!

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1. His guests

The guest list is often a challenge: who to invite for what part of your day? Follow your heart and be realistic about your budget. It's your groom's job to complete this list with his loved ones, and to incorporate his parents' wishes into your guest list. He should collect the addresses for his guests and those of his parents, so that your save-the-dates can be sent out in time.

2. His witnesses

He asked you to marry him - check! Now he will have to ask his witnesses. Usually these are his brother(s) or sister(s), other important family members or best friends. It's up to your groom to brief his witnesses on your planning and dress code, and to pick out an original gift for his best men to show them his gratitude.

3. His wedding suit

For you as a bride, your wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the first things you go after when planning your wedding. Probably you also desire a beautifully styled man at the altar. It is your groom's job to choose the perfect costume, shoes and accessories for him. PS: Accidents happen, so a second shirt and a spare pair of shoes are always a good idea...

4. Your honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the ideal way to recover from the busy wedding day and enjoy each other. Traditionally, it is the groom's job to surprise his new wife with the honeymoon of her dreams. Men, get creative and start planning that honeymoon!

5. His dance moves

Your opening dance will surely be the most magical moment of your wedding. Your groom should prepare his most fancy dance moves to give you the opening dance of your life... Your mother (in law) and bridesmaids will also want to test his dancing skills. So if he wants to score points, he knows what to do those last weeks before your wedding!

6. His vows

You are unique, your story is unique. Work together and separately on your own, most personal vows. How wonderful it is, to hear your partner's most intimate thoughts expressed in his vows during your ceremony... It is one of your groom's most important tasks to think in good time about what he wants to say in his vows... What memories does he cherish? How does he see your future?

7. His speech

A wonderful moment at the beginning of your evening party will undoubtedly be your groom's speech. He will welcome your guests and thank them for being present on your most beautiful day. He is also allowed to address an extra loving word to you, his new wife. He'd better prepare this speech well in order to avoid red cheeks!

8. His hairstyle

Although men usually take a little less time to get their hair done, he should think twice about the hairstyle on his wedding day. So it's your groom's job to pay a visit to the hairdresser two weeks before your wedding day and get his (side-) beard(s) trimmed. That way, your handsome man will be ready in time to shine with you at the altar!

9. His bachelors

Fun and relaxing before your wedding day is your bachelor party. Whether you like to make an evening of it or a weekend of it, your "bachelors" should be unforgettable. So it's an important task for your groom to load up the perfect team with this responsibility.

10. His love for you!

The preparations of your wedding day sometimes bring some stress or tension. The ultimate task of your groom: let you relax, and remind you often enough of his love for you. You are getting married because you love each other. Love is in the air!

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