7 Great ways to ask your bridesmaids

You've already found the man of your dreams, now you just need to ask your bridesmaids! We found seven unique and fun ways to propose to your bridesmaids. All Pinterest-proof and Insta-perfect!

Photo: Gert Huygaerts

1. A box to dream away in

Make a unique box for each of your bridesmaids, with a little clue about your upcoming wedding and their role as a bridesmaid. Decorate the box according to the theme of your wedding and fill it with fun memories of your friendship!

Photo: Teresa Laura Caruso & PaperRamma

2. A real proposal

Find a cute little jewelry box and surprise your bridesmaids with a real proposal. You can surely find a beautiful ring or necklace with the initials of your future bridesmaids. During your wedding, they can pimp their outfit with their personalized gift, and afterwards, they'll have a great reminder of your smashing wedding party!

Photo: TheBobbyPinUK & MarryMeandCo 

3. Tote that bag!

You can never have too many handbags in the house. How about a personalized felt bag to ask each of your bridesmaids? Put a bottle of bubbles in the bag, and go visit each of them. You will definitely drink to her " I Do "!

Photo: ThePersonalWeddingsCo & BeMyBubbaboo​​​​​​​

4. Pop me balloon

Organize a fun dinner party to ask your future bridesmaids and decorate your table with these cute little boxes. Give each friend a box at the beginning of the evening and have them pop the balloon with a pin. Bet they'll be all over the moon when they fish out the rolled up message?

Photo: TheGRLSRM

5. To lick your fingers

They say that women are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, so a few homemade sweets seem like the perfect gift to ask your future bridesmaids. Would you rather get custom baked cookies? Then you should definitely take a look at Camille's Cupcakes!

Photo: MySoapgrams - Le Bon Macaron

6. Creative drink-me-up cup

Invite your bridesmaids-to be to a cozy brunch and serve each of them a cup of coffee in a personalized cup. Only when they have completely drunk their cup, the message 'will you be my bridesmaid' at the bottom of the cup becomes visible. Bet they'll love the cup all over the top!

Photo: TheLetterLoftUK & DigibuddhaHome

7. An old fashioned card

Get the romantic in you and ask your bridesmaids by sending a nice old school card by mail. You can choose to create your own text asking them to be your bridesmaids!

Photo: Dasi

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