Playlist do's and don'ts - how to brief your DJ

You'll soon be looking forward to your evening party! As a newlywed couple, you'll be dancing the night away. Your DJ is the one who builds and guarantees the atmosphere during the dance party. To make sure you are on the same page with your DJ, we would like to give you these 5 tips.

Photo (top): Dj: DJ Tom - Photographer: Sven Van Gestel 

To play

Are you tempted to give your DJ a laundry list of songs that you think will appeal to your guests? Keep it to a minimum. A good wedding DJ reads his audience and doesn't need a real playlist. Of course, songs that have a special meaning for you as a couple are nice to hear during your dance party!

Not to play

What a DJ knows best is what you do not like at all. Are hit songs not your thing? Would you rather not have pre-chewed typical dances at your party? This is very useful information for the DJ. It is important that you can enjoy the party and the music all evening long.

Something for everyone

Keep in mind that you might be bringing together guests of different generations and with different tastes. You may be crazy about electronic music, your guests may not like it. A good DJ will try to respond to his audience, and will therefore sometimes deviate from your chosen genre.

Request numbers

Couples sometimes ask their guests to send a favourite song with their RSVP. However, this puts your DJ in a difficult position. Sometimes these request numbers are not really suitable for a dance party. In addition, it is almost impossible to give every request a turn. The attendees are sometimes disappointed because they did not hear 'their' song.

Go Pro

Put your trust in a professional DJ, to whom you can give your trust and then let go. Try not to worry too much about what your DJ will or will not do. He knows how to build your party, and how to make sure the dance floor is filled to the brim. He knows how to make your party one you'll never forget!

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