How do I search for my wedding dress efficiently?

Finding a wedding dress is often a big deal. There is a lot involved and you may not find your dream dress right away. How to search for a wedding dress efficiently? We give you some tips!

Photo (top): Photographer: Yves Schepers Photography - Bridal shop: Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal

Your preparation

1. First of all, find some pictures on Instagram or Pinterest to show your taste and preferences to the staff of the bridal shop. That way they know exactly what direction you want to go in.

2. Think about your budget in advance. How much do you want to spend when looking for your wedding dress? If you also want to buy nice accessories and bridal shoes, take this into account as well when calculating your budget. Do you think that mum or dad would share your wedding dress budget? Discuss this with them beforehand.

3. Good preparation is essential in the process of finding your wedding dress. So choose a quality bridal shop. In a shop with the House of Weddings quality label you are sure that you're at the right address and will get the necessary help and advice.

4. Get your shopping squad together. Often you can use advice from someone who is close to you. Looking for a wedding dress alone is often difficult so feel free to take your mum, sister or best friend with you to the shop. The golden rule is: take one person who is important to you, whose opinion you dare to go against and keep the number of people limited so as not to create too many different opinions.

Your fitting day

To try on your wedding dress, make an appointment in advance at a specialised bridal boutique. The staff at the boutique have a lot of experience and will be happy to help you. Try on a dress they recommend as well. It might even make you look surprisingly good!

Try on more than one dress. You may be convinced by the first wedding dress that you see yourself as a bride-to-be in, but still try on another model. There are so many different colours, styles, brands and models out there, so keep an open mind and enjoy your fitting moment.

Choose a wedding dress that suits you. It should make you feel good, completely 'you'. If you are having a themed wedding, make sure that your wedding dress matches the theme. Are you a real dancing queen? Then make sure that your wedding dress allows you to move easily. Are your wedding shoes very important to you? Then make sure you have a short enough wedding dress where you can show off your shoes.

Tying the knot

Have you found the wedding dress of your dreams? Then you just know it... Don't hesitate and say yes to the dress!

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