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    To give a taste of the purity of the unique events in a person's life, Michel Yuryev likes to capture the moments that describe the real story of a wedding. To this end, he first wants to fully immerse himself in the charms of the location chosen by the couple. Then he goes for the complete story, with all the romantic scenes that occur in their full authenticity, a laugh, a tear, a fleeting kiss and a hearty hug.  

    This emotional depth is sought by him for many reasons: to let the couple experience this day full of promises intensely, to show the great variety of feelings that arise during the course of this day, but also to capture the evanescent light that makes a photographic representation of these precious moments so unique.  


    Michel Yuryev is ready to take care of your most beautiful wedding report in all perfection. With his unique style, authentic reproduction and the most spontaneous images, you can be sure that you will enjoy the most beautiful day of your life for years to come.  

    About Michel Yuryev Photography

    Enriched with professional experience in Belgium and more than a dozen other countries, Michel Yuryev carries out his profession of photography with passion, without artifice or unnecessary refinement. What he is searching for above all is the natural representation of the moment. Although he is a perfectionist, Michel does not look for the obvious beauty, but for the small vulnerability that touches him... All these elements are his inspiration to portray the woman, man or child he photographs in all their natural beauty.

    "There are occasions in life which, more than others, should be experienced in all their intensity."

    This urge to go deeply into things comes along with Michel Yuryev’s personal experiences that, in a very profound manner, characterize the main events of his live: his departure from Ukraine to Belgium on the eve of his 20th birthday, his own union with the woman he loves and, of course, the birth of their daughter Sophie.

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    Michel Yuryev is happy to share your love story with you throughout Belgium, but will also travel with you internationally if you choose a Destination Wedding. Contact Michel Yuryev via the contact form on the right of this page, for an even faster treatment of your que

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