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Wedding videography is much more than just filming the events of your wedding day. Just filming your wedding and documenting how your wedding day goes, anyone can do that. But turning it into a beautiful video report that moves everyone and makes you relive your big day from the comfort of your armchair... that's something completely different! 

Pure passion

Although mijntrouwfilm has a lot of experience in making all kinds of films, they have developed a special preference for the wedding video. They love it not only to portray realistically what happens on your wedding day, but also to capture and convey the emotion and atmosphere of the day so you can experience it over and over again. Mijntrouwfilm prefers not to deliver standard wedding films, but cinematic gems that really move you.

Mountains of experience

Mijntrouwfilm knows the customs, the ceremonial and the etiquette rules through and through. They always come neatly dressed. Your wedding videographer will not be out of place. Moreover, you will hardly notice his presence!


The cooperation starts with a personal meeting to go over all your wishes in detail. Mijntrouwfilm doesn't just send you an impersonal standard message and general price list by e-mail, but a detailed tailor-made price proposal. When they start working, they take the time to make clear agreements, so you know exactly where you stand and what you can expect.

Finally, mijntrouwfilm also pays extra attention to the offline experience. The finished films will be sent to you in a personalised and stylish packaging which you will undoubtedly show to your friends and family with great pride.

They don't just want to make a fantastic wedding video for you, but want to give you a unique total experience so that you will remember your wedding day, but also your collaboration, often and with pleasure.

As an extra service, mijntrouwfilm offers a second cameraman so we can film from different angles and that one shot will certainly not be missed. A drone is ready to take off for you if you wish. Also a creative post-production belongs to the possibilities. 

About mijntrouwfilm

Craftsmanship and professionalism

The team of mijntrouwfilm.be has a lot of experience in making high-end productions for TV. They work exclusively with professional cameras that are suitable for filming a wedding and they also closely follow the technological developments and video trends in their sector.

So you can rest assured that you have engaged a professional partner to produce your wedding video and that the image quality will be impeccable.

Flexibility and a very personal service

Mytrouwfilms' main concern is that you are satisfied, enthusiastic and proud of the result. 

They have a distinct style and you have chosen for that very consciously. But they also want your collaboration to be flawless and carefree and they do everything in their power to make sure that happens.

Want to know more about the service of mijntrouwfilm and who you can expect on your wedding day? Then get acquainted! Contact mijntrouwfilm to make an appointment without any obligations!

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Are you getting married in Belgium or do you prefer a Destination Wedding? It's no problem for mijntrouwfilm, they'll follow you everywhere to turn your wonderful day into a vivid memory.



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