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Special stationery and graphic designs that stay with you.

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    To Remember is a creative graphic studio where the focus lies on special stationery and graphic designs that stay with you. To Remember specializes in modern, artistic products with a minimalistic and romantic edge. Each design is made with care and an enormous interest.

    The beauty of simplicity in any aspect makes To Remember strong, from its designs to the relationship with its customers. Anisa creates beautiful stationery for couples who are getting married or expecting a child but also for other types of events. To Remember is recognisable by its great love of paper and the authentic craft of the studio. Anisa has a personal preference for minimalistic, qualitative and well thought-out designs. But don't pigeonhole Anisa, because behind the scenes she remains absolutely fascinated by -and bookable for- more than one design style.

    Offer and services

    To Remember knows that the first moment of your memorable day begins when your guests receive their invitation. When this happens, it immediately sets the tone. Nothing nicer than an original invitation made with class. Carefully To Remember pulls your house style through, throughout your whole wedding process and day. Whether it's about wedding stationery, menus, an inviting welcome sign or thank you cards.

    At To Remember you can choose from:

    • 8 collections within which you can customize a multitude of different details (Semi-custom stationery)
    • or everything is made to measure and especially designed for you (Custom stationery)

    To Remember always uses materials of the best quality - from beautiful papers to different printing methods.

    Everything starts and ends with you; with who you are and what makes you happy. You see your wedding project grow, from the very start, to the final result - on your kitchen table.


    • Modern, artistic products
    • A minimalist and romantic edge
    • The beauty of simplicity

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    To Remember is active throughout Belgium.

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