What catering formula do you choose for your wedding party?

So many different options for dining with your guests! Are you still looking for the right catering formula for your wedding party? We will guide you through the various options.

Photo (top): Photographer: Elisabeth Van Lent

Seated dinner

The seated dinner is the most classic catering formula for your wedding party. Your guests take place at the table and are served wine, water, bread and of course the dishes you choose. Traditionally, guests are served three courses: a starter, main course and dessert. Of course, you are free to choose how many courses you would like to present to your guests. Feel free to discuss this with your caterer!


With the foodsharing catering formula, your guests remain seated at the table. The big difference with the classic dinner is that your guests are not offered an individual portion. With food sharing, you and your caterer choose a number of dishes to be served on the tables. Your guests then choose which dishes they would like to have. The great thing about food sharing is that your table quickly takes on a familiar, friendly atmosphere as your guests share the dishes with each other as they would at home at the table and start talking to each other.


Contrary to the seated dinner where you are served at the table, at the buffet your guests will leave their places to provide themselves with all kinds of delicacies. With this catering formula, your guests choose exactly what and how much will be on their plates. The buffet gives you the opportunity to offer different choices: pasta, salads, hot and/or cold dishes are nicely presented on a low table. The serving staff will accompany your guests and inform them about the different dishes and ingredients.

Walking dinner

At a walking dinner, you are pampered where you stand. Your caterer brings small portions to your guests throughout the meal, so that they can continue to talk and greet other guests. So the walking dinner is one of the few catering formulas where your guests are not obliged to stay at the table. Standing, sitting, talking... Depending on the arrangement of your tables and chairs, everyone can enjoy a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.


With showcooking, the chef swaps the kitchen for the ballroom to mingle with the guests and offer a true cooking spectacle. So, expect juggling with bottles, fragrances and colours, flames that roar out of the pan and a delicious result. This catering formula is often used to prepare last-minute dishes for a better result. Just think of sabayon, fresh pancakes or waffles. In principle, showcooking can be used additionally during a seated dinner, buffet, food sharing, ...

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