Find your perfect wedding planner

Would you like a wedding planner to help you organise the wedding of your dreams? How do you find the right person for your wedding? We give you 10 questions to ask your future wedding planner.

Photo (top): Wedding styling: Art'Anna Weddings & Events - Photographer: Daniel & Valentina Photography

1. Is your favourite wedding planner still available?

As soon as you have set your wedding date, the first thing to do is to check the availability of your favourite wedding planner. Does he or she take on several parties in one day, or is one party the maximum? Some wedding planners are so popular that couples sometimes change their date to suit his or her schedule. Would you be that flexible?

2. What services does the wedding planner offer?

Give your favourite wedding planner a call, and ask over the phone what exactly he or she would take care of. Does the planner organise your party from A to Z, or does he or she agree to take care of a limited part of the tasks - your printing, decoration, flowers, ...? Does your wedding planner coordinate your wedding day? Is your wedding planner also your master of ceremonies? Your stylist? Through your initial contacts, discuss well what role he or she would take on during all the preparations.

3. How much experience does the wedding planner have with organising weddings?

Ideally, you would like to work with an experienced planner who has already planned a few weddings. Don't be blinded by numbers, because the most important thing is that you as a couple have a 'click' with the planner. Perhaps he or she prefers to organise fewer parties but of higher quality? Perhaps the albums with photo series of his or her weddings already organised say more than the number of parties he or she organises each year.

Photo: Photographer: Aloha Fred - Wedding Planner: Set Up

4. How and how often does the wedding planner communicate with the couple during the preparations?

How often do you see the wedding planner in the run-up to your wedding? Ask what big time blocks he or she sees in time, and how many set times you would sit down together to discuss the goings on? Do you also call and email in between? How can your collaboration work best, and what does he or she expect from you in terms of input and feedback?  

5. Does the wedding planner always work with the same suppliers?

Often, the wedding planner forms a well-oiled team with her regular contacts: from party venues to caterers and florists, ... . For you as a couple, this offers the advantage of being able to work quickly and efficiently. Check whether the style of these suppliers fits the picture of your dream wedding. Is there also the possibility of calling on a friendly professional caterer or photographer?

6. What does the wedding planner cost?

Communicate clearly about your wedding budget and agree on what remuneration is provided for the wedding planner. Your planner will effectively take over time and planning from you, and - in fact - you will partly determine how many hours he or she spends on your wedding. Always try to provide your full input and give quick feedback on proposals made. This way you will work together most efficiently and you will prevent that the number of hours will be excessive.

Photo: Wedding planner: Feriatus - Photographer: Cinderella Photographie

7. Does the wedding planner work alone or in a team?

Both scenarios can be interesting. A wedding planner working in a team will be able to delegate more specific tasks to specialised staff. A wedding planner working alone will usually have built up a network of valuable external partners. In principle, you will not necessarily notice any difference in terms of quality of service. What is important is that you have a single point of contact for the follow-up of your wedding project.

8. What happens if the wedding planner is ill on the wedding day?

This is of course a worst case scenario. But it is good to ask the question in advance. That way you will not have any unpleasant surprises. Professional wedding planners always have a back-up plan, thanks to their carefully built network.

9. How can your wedding planner help you make your wedding unique?

Tell your story and style as a couple and find out what ideas the wedding planner has to make your wedding unforgettable, authentic and above all very personal. You will quickly find out if you are on the same wavelength. The most important thing in choosing a wedding planner is that you have 100% confidence in his or her style and approach. In principle, you will be working together very closely for a few months!

10. How does the wedding planner bill?

Do you sign a contract and pay an advance invoice? A contract always gives you more security, and good agreements make good friends. This way, you as a couple can focus on one thing during your collaboration: enjoying each other, because your wedding is being planned!

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