Save the date!

As soon as you have chosen your wedding date, you can send out a save the date. The final invitation will follow later, but this way, everyone you want to be there on your wedding day can already keep this date free. We have listed a few tips and give you some ideas for classic and original save the dates!

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Keep our date free!

They are becoming more and more popular, the save the dates. Literally this means: reserve the date. In other words, you announce the date of your wedding without actually sending the invitation. This way, your guests can make a note of the date and keep it free. Especially if you like to get married in the summer: many people go on holiday then, but with a save the date sent in good time your guests may be happy to adapt their holiday planning.

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Timing is everything

You can send out your save the date as soon as you know your wedding date. The final invitation will follow about 8 to 6 weeks before your big day. In the save the date it is best to mention your names, the date of the wedding and possibly a first indication of the location. This is especially useful when you are celebrating abroad or further from home: your guests can already look for possible accommodation. Mention on your save the date that your real wedding invitation will follow.

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Classic & original ideas

  • If you like things classic and simple, send a save the date card in the theme of your wedding. The message doesn't have to be extensive, but just like the invitation, your save-the-date will already reflect the atmosphere of your wedding. So think about your choice of paper, colour palette and whether you prefer to work with a photo, an illustration or just words.
  • Or send a digital save the date card to your guests. Be aware that older family members may not have an email address, or may not check it regularly.
  • Go for playful, and have a card designed with invisible ink or colourless relief printing that shows the secret invitation, and let your guests find out what message you want to give.
  • Or go for a video message: record a fun video in which you announce your wedding date.

(c) Shannen Natasha, Jen Huang

  • How about a magnet with your expected wedding date on it? This will surely decorate the refrigerator of your guests, who will be reminded of your happy day every day!
  • A calendar is also original and practical! Have mini calendars made, so that your guests have one tear-off sheet each day and can count down to the big day with you.
  • Your invitation, save-the-date, menu cards and thank-you cards can also be lasered in an atmosphere of your choice. Choose abstract, romantic figures or incorporate your silhouettes into your prints using a laser cut.

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