The perfect checklist for your wedding day

Ready to get married? Of course you want everything to run smoothly on your wedding day. To make this happen, there are things you can do in advance. Find the perfect wedding checklist here, so you can look forward to your most beautiful day in peace and confidence!

Photo (top): Photographer: Alex VDB

No. 1 item on the checklist for your wedding day: your 'Touch up' kit!

In the morning you will be fully made up by your make up artist, but it is also important that you can do some touch ups throughout the day. That way, you can keep your radiant look all day long. So plan a touch-up kit with some essential elements, such as hairspray, lipstick and toiletries. Include a small moment in your schedule now and then to touch up your make-up and hair. This will give you a moment's rest and you will immediately look tip-top again. Make sure you don't spill anything on your wedding dress! Providing a towel is therefore also a good idea.


Even if you took the time to walk in your shoes, your feet may still hurt during the day, but especially during the evening party. So make sure you bring some plasters or put a blister plaster on your heels as a precaution. Also bring some standard medication, such as painkillers. Share these items in the toilet at your venue, so that not only you but also your guests can make use of them if necessary. A small gesture that will certainly be appreciated!

Small snacks

Although your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, it is also one of the busiest! So do not underestimate how little time you will have to eat something. Therefore, plan some snacks to quickly eat something in between. That way, you can avoid hungry feelings and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Make sure you choose snacks that don't leave marks, such as a dry biscuit or dextrose. After all, you definitely want to avoid a chocolate stain!

Be prepared

During your wedding day, a few incidents may occur. That's why it's useful to be as prepared as possible! For example, think about providing a sewing kit and safety pins. It is also a good idea to think of spare clothing. An extra shirt for the groom or an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the bride might be extremely welcome. A white rubbish bag is also a good idea if you are taking photos in the grass. A nice white or transparent umbrella will also come in handy, as we live in Belgium, after all. Finally, make sure your smartphone is fully charged and that you have a charger nearby if needed. That way you can stay in touch with everyone and you won't have an empty battery as an unpleasant surprise. Better safe than sorry!


Agree in advance how the bridal bouquet and/or corsages will arrive at your home on the morning of your big day. Will they be delivered? Will the groom surprise his bride with a bouquet? Or will someone pick them up? Make a note of this in your script, so that everyone is aware.


There are also a few things to tick off your checklist for the ceremony. The most important thing is of course not to forget your wedding rings! Also make a copy of your vows so you will have them close at hand. Are you having a church ceremony? Then think about money for the offering and possibly for the altar boys. If you haven't already given this to the master of ceremonies in advance, bring your mass booklets, wedding candle and wedding cross to the church as well.


Last but not least, enjoy! Your wedding day is possibly the most beautiful day of your life. Allow yourself all the pleasure and enjoyment on this beautiful day. After all these tips, what could possibly go wrong?

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