6 tips for your perfect tailor-made suit!

Your fiancée already managed to get the dress of her dreams - now you have to do the same! Would you like some help putting together a suitable outfit? With these tips, you'll start well prepared in the search for your perfect bespoke suit.

Photo (top): Wedding Planner: Absolutely Fabulous Weddings - Photographer: Elisabeth Van Lent - Costume: Café Costume

Ask the specialist

You only get married once! So you want to look stylish in your wedding suit, with all the personal details and comfort. Your tailor will be guided by your body type, will choose the right fabric and will be up to date with the latest trends. He will give you tips on wearing (and tying) a tie or bow tie, and will ensure that you get matching braces, belt, cufflinks, foulards or pocket squares so that your look as a groom will be perfect.

Come up with a basic idea

Make sure that you have a first idea of exactly what you want when you go to your tailor. Many men have a clear opinion about the colour of their suit, but turn completely white when the specialist starts talking about style, fabric or lining... Think about your perfect look. Are you going for classic or hip? Do you want a three-piece suit or a dinner jacket? Do you want a tie or a bow tie? In which fabric should your suit be made?

Take the season in which you get married into account

A good tailor knows that you don't want to wear a too thick fabric on a hot summer day. As a fabric specialist he will recommend a finer material like linen, and show you the different possibilities. For a winter wedding, your tailor may advise you to work with extra layers, and order a coat for example. The colour of your suit may also depend on the season. Summer calls for light blues, beiges or even white. In winter it can be a bit darker, with (dark) blue or grey, burgundy or black.

The accessories make the man

To make sure your accessories complement your tailor-made suit perfectly, it is best to buy your suit first and only then the matching accessories. Here as well, your tailor will jump in as an advisor. He will tell you for example that braces compliment your outfit, but that it's better not to have cufflinks, or that it's best to choose between a pocket square and a bouttoniere.

In line with the style of your wedding party

Maybe you and your fiancé made a mood board to reflect the style of your wedding? If so, take this board of ideas with you in your search for the perfect tailor-made suit. Did you opt for an Ibiza style wedding or for Provencal nonchalance? By visualising the look and feel of your party, the tailor also gets a clearer idea of what you exactly have in mind. That way, he can make sure your tailor-made suit fits in perfectly with your theme.

In line with... The dress of your bride!

One last, but not least important element in the search for your tailor-made suit is... your bride-to-be's dress. Whereas your bride usually starts looking for the dress of her dreams about 11 to 10 months before your wedding day, according to our checklist, as a groom you start about 6 to 5 months before. So your bride-to-be may already have an idea of her dress. Do you want to match your outfit perfectly? Then ask your bride-to-be for help. For instance, she can send a picture of her dress to the tailor in advance, or give him a fabric sample so that he knows which colours will match and which will not. This way he can make sure your outfits will be a match made in heaven.

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