A tent as a party venue? Here's how to do it

Would you like to get married in your own garden or at a romantic outdoor location? Then getting married in a tent is definitely the right thing for you. A simple idea? Well, there's a lot involved... Drawing up a realistic step-by-step plan is a must.

Photo: Wedding Planner: Elegant Events - Photography: Isenoud Fotografie - Tent: 2V Rent

Step 1: Determine your date and location

Is your wedding date fixed? Then check out the possibilities of celebrating your wedding in a tent. Marrying in a tent in summertime is a completely different plan than marrying in wintertime. Check with your wedding planner and suppliers what you should take into account during that time of year when you choose a tent as your party location. Make sure your party tent is always easily accessible for your guests.

Photo: Wedding Planner: La Sensa - Photographer: Studio Vision - Tent: ERS Tenten

Step 2: Choose the size and type of tent

How many people would you like to invite? Is there enough room for your music band, for the dance floor, the caterer and bar? Take all these factors into account when deciding on the size of your tent. Also, think about the type of tent you prefer, and whether it fits your theme or styling. Fortunately, there are plenty of great alternatives available. Opt for a tent with padding, a silhouette tent or a star tent. 

Step 3: The practical side

A handy checklist:

  • Provide a good surface such as a flat lawn
  • Lay out a walkway, and provide a dance floor.
  • Ask your tent supplier to plan the toilet facilities well and link them to the tent, and make sure the walkway is sufficiently lit.
  • Try to take the Belgian weather into account as much as possible (heaters, wind and rain facilities or the possibility of opening the tent in warm weather).
  • Make sure all suppliers can get to the venue easily, without sinking into wet ground.
  • Place enough power points for your caterer, the DJ, the lighting, the heating, etc.
  • You may need to provide an extra tent for the caterer, so that he can do his culinary work in optimal conditions and dress the plates attractively.
  • Also think about parking space for guests. Have umbrellas and shoe covers ready, or call in a shuttle bus to take your guests safely from the parking lot to the venue. When parking in a meadow, it's also best to think about road boards so that the cars can't get stuck. Your professional tent company knows what to do.

Photo: Photographer: Jürgen De Witte - Tent: Tentmoment

Step 4: Think about security

Being confident that everything is safe is not a luxury. Make sure there are enough first aid tools, that fire hazards are limited, and that any necessary permits or noise controls are taken care of before you start partying.

Step 5: The build-up and breakdown

Make clear agreements with your supplier about the construction and dismantling of your tent structure. How long will it take to build up the tent? Who will be present during set-up and take down? Once you have made specific agreements you can also inform your other suppliers so that they can give consideration to each other's schedules for assembly and disassembly. 

Tip: Make a script

A script complete with 'who-what-when' overview is a useful tool for you as a couple, as well as for your wedding planner and your suppliers, to avoid misunderstandings. Share your script with all wedding professionals involved, and incorporate their feedback into your plans.

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