How to find the right photographer for your wedding

On your wedding day, the photographer is there in the background to capture the important moments in the foreground. He provides tangible memories of your wedding that you as a couple will cherish forever. So how do you find the right photographer for your wedding? The tips below will help you in the search for the perfect match.

1. Style

When looking for your wedding photographer, you will notice that there are different photographic styles. Do you like dark, mysterious photos? Do you prefer black and white images or a romantic style with lots of light? Take a close look at the portfolio of the wedding photographer of your choice, and ask him or her during your first meeting how she or he will finish your photos.

2. Personality

For some people posing for the camera is a piece of cake, others are just a bit more uncomfortable. Choose a photographer for your wedding that you both feel comfortable with. During the first meeting you will notice if you have a click with the photographer in question. Is she or he able to put you at ease? Then chances are that you have found the right person.

3. Experience

You can't just repeat your wedding reportage. Therefore, look for a wedding photographer with the necessary experience. Ask for the number of weddings per year, and the number of years the photographer has been photographing weddings. Most photographers offer the possibility of viewing albums to get an idea of their work.

4. Knowledge of business

Concepts like high noon, golden hour, blue hour, ... may sound like Chinese to you, but they are important for the photographer at your wedding. A professional photographer knows how to frame a subject, looks for shadows in strong sunlight and finds a quiet environment for your wedding reportage.

5. What do you want?

Do you have little experience with posing in front of the camera? Then a wedding photographer with your own input will come in handy. Your photographer will brief you well and will encourage you to do certain poses. Your wedding photographer can also give you tips on photos you might want to include in your album, and on scheduling photo opportunities with family or friends. Still looking for the perfect photo location? Your photographer is sure to know the most beautiful spots in the area!

6. Background and foreground

Your wedding photographer might want to stay in the background as much as possible, in order to capture the most important moments of your wedding day as unobtrusively as possible. She or he will not stand out, but will capture everything: the moment you meet for the first time, your vows, your first kiss as husband and wife, your opening dance, ...

7. Eye for detail

You (or your wedding planner) have worked hard to fine tune your wedding down to the smallest detail. From the most beautiful invitations to your styling and flower petals, your unique ring pillow, that super hip mobile bar during the reception... Then it's nice that the wedding photographer at your wedding captures these creative details as well, so you can cherish them as memories later on.

8. Budget

Discuss upfront exactly how long you want your photographer to be at your wedding. How many hours will he or she be there for sure, and can he or she stay longer on your wedding day if you'd like? What is included in the price? How will your photos be delivered: digital, or just in print? Is there an album included in the price?

9. Time for editing

Ask in advance how much time the photographer at your wedding needs to select, edit and deliver your photos. Most wedding photographers will send you the first few photos a few days after the wedding so that you can immediately reminisce about your beautiful day!

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